House of Kiln
Jesters to the Empire
welcome to the wall
Here is where you can scribble your wisdom for all warriors to view
ghotmIvmavpu': you can write here as well
paqleDpu':  the secret is to bang the rocks together
submissions to Kaolin's Graffitti wall will apear on a rotating basis, thanks to the magic of the Web gear .

If you would like to submit some original artwork, send it to the epetai with your name and e-mail so we may credit you appropriately.

All artwork remains the property of the artist.  Send inquiries to us so we may forward them on

Klingon Klown Banner by Doq'taj jaqvI'puqbe'
House Disciplinarian for the House of Kiln

This is a beautiful piece by Barb "Da Butcher" Metzger