From the Whoopie cushioned Center Chair
HovpoH 10308.28's been quite a summer.   Last month at this time I was flying down to Sacramento to perform with Stovokor and the multiple incarnations of the infamous NoKillI .  The crew filming Trekkies 2 were there to cover the madness....and there was plenty of it.    The weather was typical for the valley at that time of year...HOT!  The day of the show it hit 100 degrees, so it was a good thing I decided to eschew the usual dark clothing and heavy layering I am accustomed to and go with a lighter linen.  I kind of like the pirate look that gave me. isn't what crotchety Klingon purists would go for but..SCREW 'EM!   What is Klingon clothing anyway?  I say ...if a Klingon wears it...It's KLINGON!. Anyway, I'm back at the keyboard for a little while updating the site and adding more songs to the Klingon Karaoke page.  Take a look.  I hope you enjoy them.  Just remember to stock up on napkins to soak up the spit you'll be slinging while singing.

HovpoH 10306.27
It's been several months since I was last at this console.   The coffee stains are just where I left them.
News this time around:  Not a whole lot.  The quadrant is quiet.   There was that backup on the veng wa'DIch hyperspatial bypass but the quick use of type 5 disruptors solved that little snag.
K'tok, Kuge, K'lown and myself are working at scripting out a Klingon themed  cable access show featuring Klingon musical acts, comedy skits, news , sports , etc.etc.etc.   We go to film the second week of July after K'tok returns from filming another episode of Unknown Zone.
Ly'DIaH, my parmmaqqay, has been busy battling the forces of Mundania since the passing of her sister.   She announces that she has found a job....nothing much but it pays the bills.

For me, personally, this whole fandumb thing has taken some strange turns....The Klingon Karaoke thing, playing at the now defunct Satyricon (think it was something I sang???)  and  last month the Multnomah County Department of Health Services added, and then removed, Klingon from their list of languages they MAY need translators for, to better serve their clients (aka...crazies, nutcases, loonies or the PC: mentally challenged.)  My take on the story is fully written up on the next page.
The day that article came out I was heading down to McMinville for the Fourth annual UFO festival with K'tok, Bob'a'Q, Zlk and Captain Bodacious,  where I was crowned Alien King and got to ride behind some green gall with a nipple fetish and Stanton Friedman, noted UFO researcher.   Holo images will go up as soon as I get the film developed.
Until next time...stay out of tribble.
Qaolin , epetai