House of Kiln, jesters to the Empire
Holoimages from the Rut'leDj
Images from Klingon Karaoke at Bodacious Classics
I BITE the songs, I BITE the Sooooonnnngggs
The intrepid crew of the PKV Rut'leDj honoring the matriarch of House Kiln

Brent Stein visits from Sacramento (left)   Trooper Jerry meets with the Dark Lord (right)

Qaolin sports his new battle trophies

''chuch jIH!!!''....K'tok is analyzed by the bloodwine

visistors from earth and the ''other'' empire stop in for R and R
food, drinks, music and some strange valet service.
Naqach and his lovely parmmaqay.    They say imitation is the sincerest
form of flattery.  I'm truly flattered by Naqach taking up the gauntlet and
adding to the act with his renditions of Neil Diamond, David Lee Roth and
Elvis.   He goes where even I fear to tread.
Add the magnificent Be'wam to our crew.  Her first outing as
a Klingon.  She pulls it off perfectly.