Church of Kahless an di Christos
The Church of Christ in Kahless

In the Beginning, there was the Word...

What was the true nature of Christ?  Was he a peaceful prophet that many have portrayed him to be.  NO.  He was a warrior.
The Klingon culture is one of action and upholding honor.  So too was Jesus.  When the moneychangers set up shop in the temple, Jesus did not stand by and say "tsk, tsk.  Thou should not do that".  No!  He marched into the temple and physically THREW them OUT!.

True, he said "He that lives by the sword shall perish by it" (Matt.26, 51-52) But notice in that passage that Jesus' men were ARMED!  Are these the actions of peaceful ministers.  NO. they were warriors as well as ministers.  Klingon warriors are counseled bImejDI' reH betleHlIj yIthlap. ...never travel without your Batlhetlh (The Klingon Way p.79).

Our planet has been isolated from our brothers in the universe at large for millenia.  The Van Allen belt of radiation circling our home prevents us from venturing out into the cosmos.  
But the truth is out there...we have seen it.
Humankind is coming to a crossroads in its evolution.  We are rapidly approaching the point of prosper or perish.   We now know of forces which hold mankind in this prison, thanks to prophets such as David Icke and Zecharia Sitchin.   Thanks also to the visions of divinely inspired writers (though they,themselves, may be unaware of it ) of shows like Star Trek, we know of the true glory that awaits us all as we take our place among the stars.   
These glimmers of truth come from allegory.  The forces which seek to keep us locked in our terrestrial prison would not allow us full knowledge of our heritage and our future.  They seek to manipulate us.  But we know, and knowledge is power.     
We believe the Klingon Language is the true language of the stars.  This is why the bible is being translated into Klingon.  The day is comming when we will quit the fetters of our prison and armed with the Klingon Bible, our batlhetlh, we will carve out new converts to the gospel.  
The means have been shown to us.  Not fossil fuels or explosive chemical reactions will propel us; but a mastery of warping time and space by which we will travel at seemingly faster than light speed.  The theories exist NOW. They are not science fiction but science FACT.
We have glimpsed our enemies.  The Romulans from Star Trek are the manipulators of the galaxy.  We believe these fictional beings are a metaphor for the reptilian race that Icke speaks of.  This is the race that manipulates most of humankind NOW.  They are HERE.
The nephilim spoken by Sitchin are here as well.  These beings, we believe , are the antithesis to the reptilian controlers.  Star Trek covers these beings in the guise of Vulcans.   
So.  Does a race such as Klingons truly exist?  Yes.  Who are they?  They are us.
The conquering, warlike aspect was a plot device.  But the underlying spirit of the honor and willingness to battle for it is within us all.  We fight to enrich the spirit. (TKW. p7).  And, as the disciple of Jesus , we are prepared to fight.(DabuQlu' DI yISuv ...ibid)

Join with us for the great adventure ahead.  As we find Christ in Kahless....
qoH jar loSDIch. DiS cha'SanID wa'
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