This is OUR logo.  Don't even THINK of using it.  If you do we will become very, VERY angry and hold our breath until we turn blue.
We are the kingkongs of  the
Ring of Fir Fleet
Named for the forest which surrounds us that we can't see because of all the frelling trees.

the founder
Our Founder.  DaHar Furher DavIdKoreSh uptait Septictank

K'handlemug K'Handle MIselv, Adm. (

Q'Slapme, Cross dressing xo ( Q'Slapmemug

Quadrant Commanders: We never talk to 'em unless we need more drinks or have run out of sheep.
Our Members: unimportant except to fulfill our fantasies as warrior leaders
Our 5 Rules
   Have Fun...With whovever we tell you to.
   Know /no live steel (we swing both ways baby)
   Make no treaties ( there is no one to talk to anyway)
   Don't Embarrass ME (I won't tell you when you do either)
   The rules are subject to change without notice.

Upcomining Conventions
Hey, like we are going to tell you where all the good parties are!
Links to other clubs
LOL  There are no other have been assimilated. Resistance is futile.  We control the horizontal.  We control the vertical.  We control all that you see and hear.

fuck 'em if they can't take a joke

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