Norwescon 24
Seattle Washington, April 12-15, 2001
One of the major regional cons.  Norwescon was the main showplace for the House of Kiln, as we made our presence known to all and sundry.  The Oregon contingent of the House represented the IKV Raptor and the New Empire.  We were joined by House Disciplinarian, Doqtaj and her consort, Kavok and we had a great time Friday night at a gathering hosted by our friends from the IKV T'mar.  Saturday ,craziness took over.  In a sight never to be forgotten. We present:
The Great Klingon Squirrel Hunt
This story is a compilation of the
remembrances of taj and Kaolin:

Working in her hotel room laboratory, taj had concocted the infamous kut'luch, and gathered a few other Klingons for a sample. After two (four) shots the raiding party had just left the laboratory with no clear goal in mind. As we neared the juncture leading to the main floor, Kaolin spotted it;  a six foot tall, bespectacled man dressed as a squirrel, complete with humongous bushy tail. The Klingons and Squirrel stand for the briefest of moments each assessing the motives and capabilities of the other then the Squirrel makes the fatal mistake that defines him as prey..The "squirrel's" eyes glow with fear as he takes two steps back. Kaolin yells out "SQUIRREL", his chaDIch Kuge yells "LUNCH"...  Then the swelling Klingon hunting cry  "SQUIRREL" erupts from the growling throat of every Klingon present. The squirrel does a quick about-face and runs full tilt down the hall, around the corner, and up the stairs. The last thing that was seen of him was this ludicrous bushy tail bouncing to and fro as he made good his escape.
 As the evening progressed, the trips back to the laboratory, for various reasons, both real and surreal continued and with each trip to the lab the question was posed to all who would listen "have you seen a 6' Squirrel?" On one such Necessary return to the lab for two (five) shots to wet the throat of the Klingon karaoke champion Kaolin (more about that later). the numbers had swollen (apx 24) to include Kaolin, taj, Kuge, Kavok(disguised as a Sith Lord), and several members from the IKV Deathgrip, IKV T'mar, as well  as Greenfire Quad commander Kuradon and the Lady Moghra (Leader of the Klingon Kleavage Korps). As there were too many warriors in the elevator for load limit safety, Kaolin, Kavok and three others chose to take the stairs.
 When they reached the top of the stairs, the squirrel was spotted in the middle of the hall.  The aforementioned hunting cry of the day was bellowed and the warriors rush down the hall at the prey. Just then the bell on the elevator sounded. The squirrel, thinking he could escape that way, ran toward it.  The doors slid open and standing within were near to twenty Klingons, who spotted the prey.
 For a moment frozen in time, he stood there, with eyes as large as dinner plates, and mouth gaping to the floor. The poor creature had all  the appearance of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming semi, the prey realized his mistake, this could have been caused by the overwhelming roar of SQUIIIIIIRL!!! erupting from twenty Klingons with one voice, and proving that adrenaline is a wonderful thing, he bolted, and with a speed that can only be attributed to a personal quantum slipstream drive or 24 hungry Klingons on your tail (literally)he managed to elude us by streaking past hotel security and bounding up two flights of the stairs.
 Laughing the hunting party returned to the hotel room laboratory for two (4)more shots, after which, with a lingering picture of the huge bushy squirrel tail burning in thier retinas, the group went on a convention wide, hotel long wild squirrel hunt, it  soon became apparent that the squirrel had a large group of supporters as no matter who was asked if they had seen the food item he had "been here 15 min ago and went thataway" or before the ludicrous question could even be asked they would tell us "no we have not seen a 6 foot squirrel", the police officers that were approached wanted to know if it was akin to something called a pink elephant, and was the group staying in the hotel or piloting was decided by all of this years intrepid hunters that this should be an regular  event, and so my friends thus  was born the annual Norwescon Room party-feast-and wild squirrel hunt.