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Past deeds by members of the House and our allies
     Kallon tai Kor, Gowron ( Robert O'Reilly), U'toq, and Kuge tai Kiln,(chaDIch)
at the 1998 Premiere of Star Trek: Insurrection

Don't he look like the happy soul    We're really transsexual, Nazi Eskimos   
     Kaolin & U'toQ at the Iris Festival         Kaolin,Bob 'a' Q and the Pit Targ with friends from the IKV Drako

Korg and his pal Nudge find themselves trapped in a temporal / spatial anomoly and blend in with the Freikorps until they can get the bird of prey repaired

make it one more for my baby...  ...and one more for the road...     URRRRPPP!!!
Taj, at her going away party.  Thanks to the  IKV Empire's Revenge for these shots

He who dies with the most Trek toys, WINS!
Showing off the collection of ST crap for the premiere of TREKKIES.  Everyone on the ship
responded enthusiatically and donated from their personal collections for the display

Damn Romulans!  You can't take them anywhere.  Another shot from the TREKKIES premiere

Kaolin with a Drangon Dronet prop,                         The Pit Targ attempts a coup d'etat during the DS9 finale party

taH pagh taHbe', DaH muthleghvam vIqelnIS
Kaolin, the Shakespearian actor at the Parkinson's Benefit.
July 2000,   I performed the silioquy from Hamlet, in the original Klingon.

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''Never take yourself seriously.'' kaolin, son of Kiln

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