You have just entered a wormhole placed here by:
Oyez, oyez, oyez.   Welcome Lords and Ladies to Ye Olde Tmporal Portal.  From this place may thou teleport thyselves to another realm,  another time.   

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From here may thou travel to the Incipient Kingdom of Grandfalloon, the only online SCA Kingdom.  Ruled by his excellency Drake Rex, GrandFalloon hosts many a strange beastie.

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Click ye here to enter the Beautiful and Mostly Harmless Barony of Gilbride by the Sea.  This Barony lies within the borders of the Kingdom of GrandFalloon and is overseen by Their Graces Lord Myron Claysong and Lady Lydia Borealis.  Here will you find bards singing of strange tales, a sharp toothed rabbit named Toto, Klingons and Vikings waging battle among Jello filled bays...all that can happen will...constrained only by thy imagination.

Not sanctioned by the International Society for Creative Anachronism, Paramount Pictures/Viacom or any other organization.  Quite frankly, we like it that way.  As Bob Ross was fond of saying "This is your happy little world"  As Bob Dobbs is fond of saying " Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke."
All period nazis will be dealt with accordingly.  All spammers will be instantly vaporized.   Have ye a nice day.