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The House of Kiln does not necessarily endorse any of the organizations listed herein.  We have included them as sites of interest to fans of Klindom, and as a courtesy to the owners of the sites. But we think most of them are cool anyway.  If you know of a cool site, please pass it along to us.  These banners are in no particular order,so don't think I'm playing favorites.  If you complain, I'll bury you at the bottom of the list. }};-{)>    Report dead links to me please
IKV Raptor, Portland,Oregon  
This is the ship many of the HOK serve on.

Tacoma Washington Klingons
Great battle partners

Hompage of a Linebrother in the land Down-under
CMO IKAV Dragon's Claw, Drunken Master, and
Juggler of the underpants

Paint Shop Pro Image
Home of our own Doqtaj. Her jewelry and image layering

Sacramento Star Trek band....too funny

Beautiful site...what more can I say

pasht lah cooks up a great site

House DarkH, Lair of Marine Khem'era of  the  Khemorex Klinzhai

Klingon Empire Subspace Network

tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh 'a'?   The  Klingon Language Institute

    Klingon Assault Group


Advice and aid for the site builder

Klingon Line Registry

Klingon Heraldry/Line  registry

House tIQwoQ,   Allies of House Kiln

Da'Har Master Kragtowl rules here.  A noble house

Denver, Colorado based Klingon iconoclasts

A visually stunning site

House of Ketracel-white
fun with action figures

Add a Site What's Cool Random Adv Search

Another series from the mind of John Schmidt of the IKV Deathgrip

Seattle Star Wars Society
worthy foes and fun to open up
This site is top-notch, high tech. (they must all work for Micro$oft)

Other Links


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