Gates of Thyme
Held in Lincoln Ciity, Oregon, September 2000
The crew of the IKV Raptor, and by definition, the House of Kiln aided in this RenFaire that was marred by 70 mph winds, poor communication by the Autocrat, lack of equipment, broken promises and pretentious professional actors.   On the other hand, the Klingons and the SCA merchants made fun for themselves where they could.  These photos are a record of those moments
Thanks to Alaric Karczag for these photos
Fresh orange-ginger soda and vodka.  THAT looses the tongue!
left   RoSam Kor'chak tai Kiln & Kallon tai Kor on security duty    right, Kaolin belts out a song at a bardic circle
Honor Always
left, House Proctor KolDeghpo'  and merchant friend   right , a little Elfish entertainment
The cook with the'' complaint department '' and a diner who didn't like the chicken curry
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